Sitges Film Festival

Despite the exhibitions, presentations and films that are showed there what is really an attractive for this film festival is the presence of relevant people coming from the cinema sector. Some of them were: Quentin Tarantino, Jodie Foster, Cameron Díaz, Ralph Fiennes, Jon Voight, Guillermo del Toro or Alex dela Iglesia.


Sitges Film Festival has different sections, but the most relevant is called “Oficial Fantastic” which is the origin of this Festival when it was born in 1968. But we can find different kinds of films like science-fiction, fantastic-innovation, terror or thriller. One of the main characteristics of the festival is that commercial films are showed and coexists with independent movies.   

With nine different sections, the audience has a huge range of offers. From more specialized, like “Casa Asia” which is focused in Asiatic cinema, to the most risky purposes like the scary Midnight X-Treme, or animation cinema which can be seen in the section “Anima’t”.


Sitges Melia Hotel is where the festival has more spaces, because there we can fin the organization infrastructure and the most important exhibition hall, the auditorium, where are celebrated the starting and closing ceremonies and daily projections. There are also important spaces like the neoclassical building called Miramar, situated between Sant Sebastià beach and the historical centre, the “Retiro” cinema, “Prado” cinema or “Escorxador” building.