Barcelona World Race

This competition is a yacht race around the world and is celebrated every two years under strict conditions. Contestants cannot receive external help, origin and end are in Barcelona’s port and they must cross three capes: Buena Esperanza, Leewin, Hornos and the stretch of Cook, leaving Antarcticaon starboard.

Although it only has been two editions, the next one is organized for 2014. This is one of the highest level yacht race in oceanic calendar. The distance of the route is about 25.000 nautical miles (46.300 km) following Great Circle route, the shortest route across the Earth that crosses the world. The competition takes about three months and is done with IMOCA Open 60 yachts.

The first edition of Barcelona World Race (2007 - 2008) has nine yachts which suppose a total of 18 contestants coming from different countries like: French, Spain, United Kingdom and Switzerland. Although the constant difficulties as a consequence of the weather, there was a winner: the French yacht Paprec-Virbac 2.